A Comment about SOB TV Tragedy, Persebaya 1927

Friday, April 17, 2015

Good night,

Now i would like to comment to an article in a website Pandit Football Indonesia. Yeah, something bad happened in Surabaya. Saleh Ismail Mukadar, a former manager of Persebaya Surabaya 1927 Football Club was punched on his face when he gave some comments in a live show about football condition in surabaya.

We know that Persebaya break into 2 parts, Persebaya and Persebaya 1927, while PSSI accommodate Persebaya as a legal club and Persebaya 1927 as a illegal one.

But, i don't wanna comment about this Persebaya dilemma. I just have some suggetions to those guys who punched Saleh Mukadar and made a mess. Guys, if you have a revenge or something else to someone, you have to be smart.

Don't do it in a live camera, even less at a live talk show. Do it in a private room, or somewhere else there is no camera there. But, it is preferable you don't do it at all. Revenge is bad. No, i'm kidding.

As Pandji Pragiwaksono said: "Someone who uses physical strength to solve the intellectual problem, shows he lost his mind to finish it intellectually".

Just give a space for a discussion to solve the problem. Be smart.

Okay, hope everything gonna be better. You can check videos below for detail.

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