This Eid Day #1

Monday, October 06, 2014

I read my friend's blog about her dialy. It was very touching. I could enjoy that. I could laugh, and sometime feel sad. I read all of posts. That inspired me. After all, i feel have to write my own down. I usually write my dialy on tumblr, but not routine. Lemme write on this blog.

There were some moments yesterday, Eid day.

On sunday morning, i joined eid prayer with my Gokill Community friends in Masjid Agung Jawa Tengah. There was so called weirdness joined eid prayer in great place like that. People just reached front liner elites and hoping do hand-shake with. Then, taken photo selfie with.

But, the elite was just PLT Sekda and staffs. Nor governor and his vice. I bet people didn't know who was him. Before, i thought he had shared money or what priceful else to jamaah, but it was just hand-shake. People just thought he was important person.

But, it was very good in that mosque. I mean, people from different group of citizen and different group of religion were integrated.

And that was very first time my friend had seen me with imamah and ghomis. To my friend Arena through Line chatting, i told that i just want to show people that there is no contradiction between me when use flanel and panthalon with me when use the kinds of clothes like those, ghomis and imamah. It was still me whatever i wore.

One day before eid day i planned to visit my young grandfather, called Mbah Mardi. He is second youngest brother of my grandma [from my mother], Siti Ngaisah. He lived at Sebandaran, Pecinan Semarang with his wife. Actually i wanted asked my KKN friends to meet Paula too, a member of my KKN group, before she flight to Jakarta that day and before i visited Mbah Mardi. But the time was not enough.

Mbah Mardi told me about old story, about our family, our trees of family. He is the only one of old generation i could share with.

Before i met him, one of my Gokill friend, Lina told on our group about a speech of her grandmother. After that, i remembered my grandfather [from my father]. I just have two long times to share with him, than he got sick and has gone since 2 years ago. I feel not too okay about that. So, i visited my young grandfather Mardi as soon as possible that day.

Now, i still have grandmather [from my father]. She is very old. I miss her right now.

This is my story. I hope my friend who inspiring me to write my daily again, wake up with new post of her blog. The latest post has very old, it was written 4 years ago.

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